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The PRO turns 30 August 1982

We are a premier logistics company that helps customers across the globe to have their shipments delivered on a daily basis. With an extensive network covering 56,379 destinations, across 200 countries and over 3 decades of experience – efficiency, economy and eco-friendliness are the philosophies that drive us.

The exponential growth of e-commerce has created a paradigm shift in the domain of logistics. Proeserve aims to serve the ever-growing needs of the e-commerce industry with an infrastructure that is serving more than 3 million customers. In today’s times, where technology rules every aspect of our lives, convenience is the key. With an exclusive last mile delivery service for the e-commerce sector, we aim to set an industry benchmark in consumer service. Reliability, exclusivity, speed, reach and above all the trust built by a 30-year-old company sets us apart. Through this, we offer unmatched last mile connectivity in e-commerce business through Proeserve.

We are committed to satisfy the expectations of our customers through timely and safe delivery of their consignments.
  • 5000 Offices
  • 30 Years of Experience
  • 50000 No of Clients

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver shipments in the most efficient way possible. In the challenging domain of e-commerce, we bring a winning formula of experience and latest technology to the table. With our unrivaled expertise, we aim to be the number one choice in last-leg deliveries for e-commerce enterprises.

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